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Be sure to check out Duffy’s heart warming adoption update from his wonderful forever family right after his story. Hi, I’m Duffy and I’m just one of the MANY Golden Angels who need your help. Although my medical expenses haven’t been as large as some of the other Golden Angels, my story is one of the most tragic. Now I have the opportunity to turn my tragedy into hope and help for the other Golden Angels by being a “spokes dog” for my furry friends. By the time I arrived at GRRR, a skilled vet had already patched me up as much as possible. Then the Golden Angel Fund followed up with all the exams, diagnostics and loving care I needed when I arrived. The abuse and neglect that I suffered should never have happened, but sadly it did. I’m five years old and used to live with a family, but my home wasn’t at all like the loving homes many Goldens have. I was chained up out back and didn’t have much interaction with my family. It got very lonely and all I longed for was the chance to be included in their daily lives. Someone had put a collar on me many years ago when I was smaller. I was the only one who noticed that as I grew, the collar did not. In fact, my neck actually grew around the collar until it became embedded in my skin. Every day and every night I lived with that pain. It even interfered with my swallowing and breathing. Because my beautiful coat is so long and thick, I guess no one noticed what had happened. Then one day my owner finally discovered the embedded collar and tried to cut it out with a knife. He actually slit my throat! When I started bleeding profusely, he had no choice except to rush me to the emergency vet. It hurt so badly and I was terrified! It took a long time and a lot of medical expertise to stop the bleeding and surgically remove the collar. My owner could not afford to pay for the treatment, so I was signed over to the vet. He contacted Chris Dudley, a wonderful Good Samaritan and GRRR volunteer who took me home to recover under her watchful eye. I stayed with her for nine months during my long recovery and rehabilitation. When Chris determined I was well enough, I was transferred to GRRR to hopefully begin a new life. When I arrived at GRRR, I joined a very active foster family, and as I grew stronger they began taking me to the dog park, out for runs, playing fetch with me in the yard and all kinds of wonderful activities. These were such incredible experiences that I had never had before, but soon my foster family noticed I was having a hard time catching my breath whenever I would exert myself. I was taken to see Dr. Carpenter where I was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. It was most likely caused by a nerve being severed during my collar incident. My life will never be one of frolicking, running, swimming or just being a happy-go-lucky Golden. My only chance for happiness lies in the hope of finding a very special forever home. I will need to be an inside dog where I never get overheated. Being left out in the summer or taken for runs during the day could literally kill me. My playtime will be limited to cool weather, evening walks and living in an air conditioned house. Are you that very special person I’ll have the joy of spending the rest of my life with? GRRR has promised to love me and take care of me until the right family comes along. It’s possible my life will be shortened by my condition, but I still feel very lucky because I have what I’ve always longed for – people who care about me. Every minute that I spend with a loving person means far more to me than fetching a ball or romping at the park. Just being near you, listening to your voice and being petted will mean the world to me. My physical wounds have healed as best they can. The emotional scars are fading a little each day now that I’m loved and cared for as part of the GRRR family. In addition to the Golden Angels featured in the newsletter, there are more Golden Angels arriving every week who need your help. Currently Emily, Pico, Maggie, Leona, Ziggy, Echo, Henry and Riley are all in need of medical care. Your kind donations and volunteer hours make it possible for all of us to receive the medicine, tests, surgeries and physical therapy we need to survive and have a happy new beginning in life. My heart belongs to every wonderful person who loves and cares for the Goldens in need. Duffy has been adopted by a loving new family and we received this wonder letter from them: Dear GRRR, Duffy came to live with us at the end of January, up in the high Rockies where the air is cool and thin. It is an environment where he thrives. In fact, we have to keep reminding him that he needs to lay that frisbee down, because we just can’t play all day. Duffy was a Golden Angel in the Nov 2010 newsletter. Duffy has acquired a new friend named Ollie who is also a Golden and a great teacher of dog socialization, and Duffy has learned that other dogs are not enemies and are in fact the best fun a dog can have. Sharing a frisbee or a ball in the snow is better than barking and growling and biting. Ollie and Duffy hang out together a lot now and other dogs have been introduced to Duffy and they are now friends too. In Crested Butte there are nearly more dogs than people so it is easy for a friendly dog like Duffy to make friends. Duffy has adopted us as his new family and is never more than a few feet away at any time of day or night. He loves to sing and is a very accomplished vocalist; when he wants to go on a walk, he will bow to us both before he begins his walking song. The snow is now melting and he loves to find patches to lay in or walk through to cool himself down, and soon the hiking trails and lakes will be accessible and new adventures underfoot! He could not be more loved or happily a part of any family than he is now, and we are continuously laughing and enjoying each other’s company and we are so fortunate and truly lucky we have found each other. Thank you to GRRR, the vets and caregivers who brought him out of a tough situation, and especially to foster parents Shannon and Monti Ossenfort for all the love they poured upon this most delightful creature before he came to us. Mark and Brenda Ewing

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