Special Goldens Needing Extra Care

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Hello, I’m Rosie and I’m all patched up and ready to find my forever home. I’m 8 years old and somehow found myself wandering the streets alone. I was frightened and hungry when animal control found me and took me to the shelter on a Monday. The shelter contacted my owner, and he said he’d come in on Saturday to get me. That sure was a long week in a strange and noisy place. I tried my best to get some sleep on the hard floor in my kennel. Saturday arrived and I was all excited to go home with my owner, but when he showed up he told the shelter I was getting old and he would just sign me over to them – and just like that I lost the only family I had ever known. I was very sad and bewildered. Then something wonderful happened. A man named Robert arrived at the shelter to save me. He’s what they call a “volunteer” for GRRR. Off we went to Robert and Nancy’s home where the first thing I got was a warm sudsy bath (actually they bathed me four times because I smelled so bad). Then they wisked me off to see Dr. Carpenter at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital. He was so nice to me. He treated my nasty ear infection and several open sores on my legs and torso. I’m doing much better now, but I’m still taking some special medicine. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have all the wonderful Golden lovers and supports come into my life just when I needed you most. The Golden Angel Fund provided all my treatment and medicine and I am so grateful. Because of all of you I’m well enough to be adopted as soon as a special family comes for me. Until then, I’m happily settled in with my fosters who have assured me their home is my home for as long as I need it. Are you looking for a sweet, loving Golden to join your family?

You Can Help

With your donations, our Golden Angel Fund helps improve the life of our Goldens that need special medical treatments. Some Goldens require special medications or surgeries. Without medical help, many of them will not be likely candidates for adoption.

Your donation can go a long way in improving a Golden’s life. You can make a donation by clicking here or on the green donation button below. Then choose the “Program” “Golden Angel Fund.”  Thank you!