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Maxwell’s loving new family sent a letter about their great new fellow. It appears right below his Golden Angel story. Hi everyone at GRRR — I think you’re all so wonderful! Oh, wait, I guess I should introduce myself first. My name is and I’m a very grateful 9-year-old Golden boy who is honored to become GRRR’s newest Golden Angel. I never thought I’d end up being surrendered to a shelter, but that’s what happened when my family could no longer care for me. Even though I did my special happy dance for everyone who came by my cage, the few potential adopters who stopped would shake their heads sadly and move on. After all, I wasn’t a youngster anymore and, quite frankly, I was in pretty bad shape and definitely not looking my best. I was starting to think nobody would ever adopt me and began to wonder what was to become of me. Then a miracle happened. Just when my time was up at the shelter, a very kind lady came up to my cage. She smiled at me and said, “Maxwell, you very handsome boy, you’re coming with me.” She was a GRRR volunteer! I couldn’t believe my good fortune. I had hit the jackpot! I was so overjoyed I couldn’t utter a single woof, but I did my happiest happy dance ever for her! I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me to make myself presentable, but I was willing to do whatever it would take to become the handsome boy I used to be. I had a couple of health problems when I first came to GRRR. I hadn’t had any exercise in a very long time and I had been eating way too much. Can you believe I tipped the scales at 110 lbs. when I should have weighed less than 80? I could barely drag myself around, especially with the huge fatty tumors on my back legs. Dr. Carpenter said I would eventually need to have them removed, but the first priority was for me to lose weight – a lot of weight. Off I went to Foster Fat Camp at Cindy’s house in the mountains. That’s when I first started learning about GRRR’s special kind of unconditional love. You don’t just love the young healthy Goldens – you care about ALL Goldens. There I was – an older boy, 30 lbs. overweight with huge tumors and no home, and you welcomed me into the GRRR family with open arms. Help is always there for a Golden in need, even me at size XXL. Losing weight at Cindy’s Fat Camp has been going very well. I get to go for walks every day and eat healthy food. I get more attention than I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll admit I get super hungry every now and then, and that’s when my mischievous side comes out. I like to eat paper and I’m not that particular about which kind – cardboard, tissues, copy paper, notebooks, you name it. I’m quite a character! I love my foster brother and sister and play with them whenever I can. I even love the kitty here. She doesn’t bother me one bit. My foster mom says I’m silly. What’s so silly about carrying every toy I have in my mouth at the same time? I’m just so happy to be around everyone. My favorite trick is to pretend I’m sleeping and when my foster mom walks by, I thump my tail on the floor without moving anything else. She laughs out loud! Belly rubs are my favorite and I just can’t get enough of them. I’ve become such a happy guy since I joined GRRR. I thrive on all the love, kindness and attention I’m getting. Just when things were going so well, I hit a big bump in the road. The doctor found an ocular tumor in my left eye, and I had to have my eye removed right away because of the pressure and pain it was causing. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when we found out it wasn’t cancer. Just like before, everyone at GRRR and the Golden Angel Fund were there for me. You love me just because I’m a Golden, and you keep showing me over and over how special you think I am. While I was under anesthesia for my eye, I had the huge fatty tumors on my hind end removed along with a cyst. I’m recovering nicely. I’m so lucky! Love has become such a huge part of my life since I joined GRRR. How can I ever thank you? I know no matter what comes my way in life, you’ll always be there for me. I also know there is someone very special out there who will adopt me and give me the most wonderful gift of all – a home. The happiest day of my life will be when I get to hang my leash by my new family’s door and know that I am really and truly in my forever home – a gift that was given to me by each and every volunteer and supporter of this wonderful family named GRRR. Maxwell’s new family send the following update on their new family member: Good ole Maxwell came home with us on January 16th. A happyday for all! All of his “war wounds ” from eye surgery to the big fatty tumors have healed and he is his very furry big self again. Our vet even allowed a couple of pounds to be gained! Max thought that was very nice. At first, before we came up with a plan, Max ate his way through a roll of Charmin a day. Sorry slow humans, don’t close that bathroom door tight and I will eat the roll of toilet paper, little cylinder and all. In that process, he would close the door and remain happily locked in until you realized the big goof wasn’t under foot and rescued him. Then amid much tail wagging and happy woof woofs he would proudly come out like it was just a big game of hide and seek. All who have had the pleasure of meeting Max are taken with his big guy one-eyed charm. He’s a very sweet dog. We are proud to have him in our family and I would guess he loves us …. even though the toilet paper source has been cut out of his diet. The photo is with Heather, our retired guide dog. A friend commented that it was so appropriate Heather had a buddy who was “visually impaired,” and she does protect his blind side! Thank you GRRR for giving Maxwell a chance. We don’t know how we lived without him and just adore him. Connie & Robert Kanive

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