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Hi, I love you! How do I know that? I love and adore absolutely everybody, and everybody loves me the minute they meet me. They say it’s an instant case of puppy love, and I just wiggle and wag when I hear that. My name is Sparky and I’m a Golden puppy with perhaps some black lab or flat coated retriever in my family tree. When I first came to GRRR I was about 4 months old. Now, at 7 months, I’m all patched up and ready to find my forever family who will love me with all their hearts and not ever let me go back to the shelter again.

Mary discovered me when she was skimming through Petharbor online. She did a double take when she spotted my cute little face, and something about my sweet expression made her stop and read about me even though my coat wasn’t the usual gold color. I was at a local shelter, and according to my posting Mary could tell I had been there longer than the normal hold time for little lost pups. She wrote to the shelter and found out I was still there (thank goodness!) because I had an upper respiratory infection. As it turns out, that infection is probably what saved me from a life of pain.

It was a very happy day for me when the kind GRRR volunteers came to the shelter to get me. I was being taken in by the wonderful GRRR family! I arrived just before Thanksgiving, and it didn’t take more than a few minutes for everyone to realize that I’m just as sweet and affectionate as I am cute. I soon found myself surrounded by loving people who were fussing over me and treating me like the most important puppy in the world. It was incredible! I got to stay at Phoebe’s Place where I immediately started making friends with the other dogs. My favorite toy soon became an 8 foot long stick that I try to drag/carry around with me, and it really gets people laughing. Mary calls me “Mr. Personality” and everyone can’t get over what a darling, happy little guy I am.

Shortly after I arrived, some of the volunteers started to notice I was just a little too calm and low key for a puppy my age and that something didn’t seem quite right with me. Some of the VIP walkers reported that I would tire easily on walks, especially for a boy my age. When volunteers would pick me up to put me in the car to go to the vet, I would let out a little cry to try to tell them something was hurting pretty bad. I was hoping someone would figure out where my pain was coming from and help me. I wanted to grow up to be a strong, athletic fellow. I was worried that no one would want to adopt me if I couldn’t play fetch or go for walks.

One day GRRR held a dental clinic at Phoebe’s Place. That’s when it really became obvious that something in my hind end wasn’t normal. Instead of wrestling and playing with the other dogs that day, my favorite place was on the couch. I wanted to go and play with my new friends, but I just couldn’t stand the pain anymore. It made me very sad. A call was made to Dr. Carpenter and I was soon on my way to Arvada West Veterinary Hospital for an exam and X-rays. The X-rays showed I had no hip sockets and that, instead of a cup to hold the femur in place, there was nothing. Everyone was really sad, but I managed to cheer them up with some kisses and cuddles. That always works great! Something called the Golden Angel Fund was there to provide the help I needed to get me on the road to recovery and a life with no pain. It didn’t matter at all to my new GRRR friends that I wasn’t pure Golden. Everybody who met me already knew my heart and personality are very “Golden.”

Dr. Carpenter did surgery on my left hip right away, and the surgery went very well. Laura Ott was my wonderful foster mom during that recovery. She sure did love me and even wanted to adopt me, but her dog was quite jealous. She tearfully brought me back for my second surgery. After surgery on my right hip, I went to stay with Claudia and Mike Thompson. That’s when everyone discovered I even get along great with cats. Isn’t it incredible that all of these people would give so much time and love to help a little guy like me? It’s a real challenge to keep a youngster calm and quiet during the critical healing/recovery stage, and Laura, Claudia and Mike were there to help me every step of the way. I love all my foster parents so much!

I’m getting stronger every day and can’t wait for a new forever family to come and take me home. It’s going to be hard to leave my new friends, but I’ve been told I’ll always be a part of the GRRR family. I’ve sure come a long way since I met all of you. I was a lost puppy on the streets, then I was a sick puppy at the shelter, then I was a puppy in pain who needed surgery — and now I’m a very happy puppy with a wonderful life ahead of me. With all my Golden heart I thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

Mary Kenton added the following: “Sparky is lucky because the upper respiratory infection is probably what saved him from a life of pain. Had this cute puppy not been sick, he might have been adopted from the shelter and lived his life in pain. I’m not sure how Sparky got his name, but it seems to fit him so well for many reasons; the Sparkle in his eyes when he sees you, his Sparkling personality, always a Spark of energy and enjoyment of life. He loves everyone and everything. Just a sweet boy whose lucky day was when GRRR said yes to this little black puppy who needed more than just a home. He needed the special volunteers and supporters of GRRR to give him the chance at a life without pain — to run and play and receive all the love we have to give him. When he’s adopted, someone will surely be lucky to have this very special boy who was given so much by so many and will forever be grateful to all of those who helped him.”

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