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Nelson - Golden Angel


Buddy’s arrival at GRRR was by no means typical. GRRR was originally contacted by his owners who needed to move into the city and were unable to bring Buddy with them. Buddy had always been skittish, and life in the city with busy streets and fenced-in yards was not going to work for him. The owners said Buddy never found a fence he couldn’t escape (and since he was an intact male, his roaming isn’t surprising). They said he always came back, but often with injuries. They decided to leave him with relatives while they tried to find him another home.

Buddy’s family first contacted Golden Retriever Rescue in New Mexico (GRRNM) and then GRRR when they didn’t hear back from the New Mexico rescue right away. Since the family was located in New Mexico, we contacted GRRNM to see if they could take Buddy into their care. We have worked with GRRNM in the past as they don’t have the volunteers, foster homes, facilities, or financial support that GRRR is so fortunate to have. Kathleen, the president of GRRNM, was contacted and they had room for Buddy, so she contacted his family to arrange for Buddy to come into GRRNM. 

Several weeks later, we received pictures from Kathleen of a Golden who had some serious injuries to his mouth. She explained that that family didn’t have the funds to provide medical care. The Golden appeared to her to be in pain, and the pictures confirmed that he had to be. It wasn’t clear, but was this Buddy? Yes, it was! What happened to him? John Rogers, a GRRR adopter and volunteer who also volunteers for GRRNM, contacted GRRR to inquire if we could help this Golden boy. John was very worried about Buddy because GRRNM just didn’t have the funds to pay for medical treatment for him. Buddy was in pain and something needed to be done soon, very soon.

So, what had happened? It turns out that while Buddy was staying with his temporary family, he took off. When he returned, he was obviously hurt and would not let anyone near him. When they were finally able to get to him several days later, they saw his teeth were messed up, but he still wouldn’t let them touch him. They fed him soft food and tried to check him, but to no avail. The temporary family had plans to leave town for the Thanksgiving holiday, so Buddy’s owners arranged to pick him up to care for him during that time. When they arrived, they were able to get him into their car and take him home with them. When they were able to get near him, they saw how bad his injuries were. His teeth were just hanging there with roots exposed.

The couple contacted GRRNM to see if they could help. Buddy’s owner had recently become unemployed, and they had no funds to provide him with medical care. If GRRNM couldn’t help, they would need to have him put to sleep. Because of his newfound medical issues, GRRNM was unable to help Buddy, so Kathleen contacted GRRR.

Arrangements were made to have this couple release him into GRRR through GRRNM so that Buddy could receive the medical attention and pain control he desperately needed ASAP. GRRR would pay for Buddy’s medical care. GRRR would start looking for transport for Buddy, but due to weather that can often be difficult this time of year. Kathleen arranged to have Buddy brought into her care, as well as for him to see her veterinarian for the jaw surgery he needed and to be neutered. When Buddy arrived, it appeared that his front teeth had basically been ripped from the bone so the entire root was exposed. When the owner dropped him off with Kathleen he stated the injury happened in September. September?!? This was the beginning of December! Buddy was shaking so hard he could barely stand. It was clear to Kathleen that Buddy was in severe pain. Buddy was safe now, but knowing how much pain he was in was horrible, and his appointment to see the vet the next morning was long overdue. 

Nelson Golden Angel

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With your donations, our Golden Angel Fund helps improve the life of our Goldens that need special medical treatments. Some Goldens require special medications or surgeries. Without medical help, many of them will not be likely candidates for adoption.

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