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Jenny-Golden Angel

Paula Volker, a GRRR volunteer in Wyoming, was checking Craigslist when she came across an ad for a Golden in need of a new home. Paula contacted the young owner and made an appointment to meet Jenny. Paula was not sure she was ready for another Golden, but thought it wouldn't hurt to meet her. When she arrived, the young lady introduced her to Jenny. Paula was so shocked at what she saw—a very overweight, matted, dirty girl with nails so long they were curled into her pads. It was obvious that Jenny was a neglected Golden. The young lady explained she had gone off to college and left Jenny in the care of her parents. When she came home for holiday break she was not happy with how Jenny was doing and posted an ad on Craigslist to find her a new home. It was short introduction, and Paula had Jenny loaded and in the car in about 10 minutes from the time she arrived. There was no way she was leaving without Jenny. Paula found it strange that the young gal didn't ask any questions, just said she wanted a good home for her. Paula told her she would have a good home.
She knew GRRR would make sure of that.

Still quite overwhelmed by Jenny's condition, Paula brought Jenny into her home, wondering what to do next. Paula contacted a friend who is a groomer. She knew she couldn't wait until Jenny arrived at GRRR to get those filthy mats and toenails trimmed. But the job of grooming Jenny was not an easy job—it took many hours, and she needed to be clipped short to get rid of all the filth and the mats. And to their surprise, they found a family of bugs who had taken up residence in her matted coat. Paula had contacted volunteer Sandra Brausch earlier to make sure Jenny could be brought into GRRR's care and to help arrange a ride from Casper, Wyoming to Phoebe's Place. Paula, Sandra and Irene Gerty Gomez all helped in transporting Jenny to GRRR. When Irene delivered Jenny to Phoebe's Place, she was whisked off to Arvada West Veterinary Hospital.

It's something to see people's reaction when they see Jenny because nobody can believe someone would let their dog get that fat. Jenny had blood tests done, nails trimmed, was treated with Frontline for her bugs, vaccinated and placed on a prescription diet to help in her weight loss. Jenny weighed in at 128 pounds. Yes, 128 pounds on a frame that should support about 60 pounds. She is not a tall dog and has a small frame supporting all this weight. The blood tests showed that Jenny is hypothyroid and was placed on Soloxine, an inexpensive thyroid supplement. Jenny showed a lot of interest in chasing balls and toys, which with her size was a worry that she would tear an ACL or both ACL's. So ball chasing is discouraged for now.

Jenny is such a sweet girl, and quickly won over all the hearts of the staff at AWVH and the volunteers who met her. And luckily for Jenny, she has been enjoying a great foster home, thanks to Deb Kneale and Bob Jorgensen. She is called "Sweetie" at their home. Jenny has started playing with the other Goldens boys there, and is very happy to be a Golden Angel at GRRR. She does wish there was a little more food in her bowl, but it is so important that she slim down so that she can have an active life and not have us all holding our breath in fear she will get hurt.

Jenny is a very lucky girl, having been rescued from Craigslist. Horrible things could have happened to her if she was placed into the wrong hands. Jenny is now receiving the medication to treat her thyroid disease, a prescription diet, and all of her vaccinations are current. Soon her shaved coat will grow out and a beautiful coat will replace the filthy mats she suffered through in the past.

The dream of a perfect home is all that she needs to give this story a happy ending. Jenny's dream home would be a family that can provide the medication and follow-up blood work, weight management food, appropriate exercise, grooming, and of course all the love that she missed out on while living in a back yard while her person was away at college. Because of your donations to the Golden Angel Fund, we can give sweet dogs like Jenny a great future.  Jenny has a wonderful home where she has lost significant weight and is very happy

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