Special Goldens Needing Extra Care

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Max-Golden Angel


Sometimes good things come in pairs.

About the third week of November, Gary Choate contacted GRRR and asked if we would consider taking in two dogs, one Golden and one a Border Collie. He told the story about how he came to acquire these two dogs. He was driving the back-roads of Franktown when he spotted two four-legged critters coming up the road. At first Gary couldn't figure out anything more than that they were two four-legged animals. As they got to his car, the little one jumped up to the window and looked at him, as if to ask, hey are you my dad? That was Max, an adorable bright-eyed Border Collie. His friend was a big Golden Retriever named Charlie. Both boys were in pretty tough shape, matted and filthy.

From their very weathered look and faded collars, Gary knew they had long been abandoned. Someone had decided they didn't want Max and Charlie anymore. So instead of doing something kind and responsible, they dumped them in the middle of nowhere for nature to take its course. Their rescuer knew the wildlife was everywhere and coyotes called this area home.

They had apparently been wandering together a long time. Gary took them home. They were fed and given a comfortable and warm place to stay. He had them groomed right away and then took them to his vet. Charlie was treated for a ruptured ear drum (a long treatment process ) and both boys were neutered. Gary had them for about a month and kindly cared for them, giving them a lot of love, affection and care. He worked with the vet to get both these guys back to an acceptable level of health. Unfortunately for Max and Charlie, this kind man already had two dogs and was unable to offer them a forever home. Once medically able, Gary came up from Franktown to bring these boys to GRRR. This kind man was incredible to have done so much for them and on top of everything he had done for them, he made a donation to GRRR for taking them into our care. At last, these two found a safe place with shelter, food and plenty of attention.

Once settled in at Phoebe’s Place, they were taken into Arvada West Veterinary Hospital for an exam. Max was in need of some major dental work for painful broken teeth. Charlie also had some bad teeth and just looking at him made you hurt for him because of the pain he endured from the ruptured ear drum. Both received additional vaccinations, prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication. Dentals were scheduled for both of the boys. We continued to treat Charlie’s ruptured eardrum, but felt there was more to his head tilt than the ruptured ear drum. After keeping Charlie on the antibiotics for an additional month, there was no improvement. Dr. Carpenter felt Charlie either didn’t recover from vestibular disease, or he potentially had a tumor that was causing this. Charlie’s condition created such an imbalance that it caused him to tilt his head and walk in circles. Charlie, in spite of the abuse and abandonment, was still very sweet, lovable and surprisingly trusting. Charlie loves toys and you seldom see him without a stuffed toy in his mouth. Max was Charlie's sidekick and guardian. Max is constantly aware of Charlie's whereabouts, making sure he is protected and out of the path of too much activity.

Sadly, as time went on it seemed that Charlie most likely had a brain tumor and the goal was to keep Charlie loved and happy. To think after that turbulent journey to GRRR and all the love and care from our volunteers, he would now face this. But we felt both Charlie and Max had found a nice home at Phoebe's Place. Fortnately, it gets better for these two dogs, because now they are both living the good life as foster dogs thanks to Bob and Barbara Crook. Thanks to the Crooks, Max and Charlie are in a great home and living the best life they have ever had. Charlie continues to happily carry his toys and Max is happy to have less competition for the games of fetch he loves so much.

For some dogs, medical care is an essential part of their rehabilitation and we don't always know what we will find with our rescues. GRRR’s Golden Angels go on to live very happy lives and provide wonderful companionship to people who want a furry, loyal, best friend.

Please give anything you can to provide the special care our Golden Angels receive. Thank you! 

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