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Sandy-Golden Angel


Looking at Sandy’s sweet face, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could have been unkind to her, but sadly she had a harsh, isolated life prior to joining GRRR. We are so thankful the Golden Angel Fund was here to help her in her time of need. This loving girl’s life should have been like the lives all our Goldens enjoy – family, fun, security, exercise, companionship – all the things Goldens cherish most.

Sandy lived her previous life as a lawn ornament in a backyard with nothing but an evergreen tree for shelter. The water faucet in the yard was broken and there was seldom enough water for her to drink. She was not walked. Nobody played ball with her. The only thing she had plenty of was food. She was very overweight! Sandy was not groomed. She had enormous mats and was full of stickers, twigs, and nasty foxtail weeds. The compassionate neighbors gave Sandy as much attention as they could. They brought water to her and worried about her until one day they had to call authorities to intervene. The animal control officer came to visit Sandy and her family, and when it was time for the officer to leave, Sandy clung to her. The officer felt like Sandy was begging her to take her away from there. Sandy’s family was given the option of turning her over to a rescue organization, and if they did she would withdraw the citation for neglect.

The family contacted GRRR and I picked up Sandy that very day to begin her new wonderful life as a loved GRRR Golden. Sandy rode happily in the backseat as we headed for Phoebe’s Place, taking in all the sights and smells of this big new world. But first, we had to make one very important stop to see Dr. Carpenter at Arvada West Veterinary Clinic. We doubted if Sandy had ever been to the vet in her life. At Arvada West she got the royal treatment—an exam, vaccinations, heartworm test, aka, “The Works!” During her exam, Dr. Carpenter found Sandy had foxtails deep in her ear canals and she had multiple foxtails imbedded in her skin. Some of her mats were clipped away to give her relief from the poking foxtails. Poor Sandy had those painful stickers all over her.

When she arrived at Phoebe’s Place, a healthy diet was the first thing she needed, along with some exercise. Sandy made herself right at home. She quickly learned the dog door that she could barely fit through, she discovered the full water bowls that were always available to her, all the fun toys to play with, and she got to know all of the other dogs who were calling Phoebe’s Place home until their forever families were found. Sandy’s weight makes her snort, so she picked up a few nicknames from the silly noise she makes. Sandy needed relief from mats that were sticking her and so painful, so I spent every night trying to comb through and remove them until groomer Dee arrived on Sunday to give her the full spa treatment.

The second day of her new life came with very sad news. Sandy was positive for heartworm, so her brand new life was a little shattered. Sandy would now need to undergo painful heartworm treatment. But to make her feel better, Sandy had a wonderful “Spa Day” with Dee. All of those nasty foxtails were removed, her hair was clean and shiny, her nails were trimmed and no longer looked like daggers, and all of those painful mats were removed. Sandy enjoyed playing with the other dogs. She would get so excited that her entire rear end would wag when she saw a volunteer who came to walk her. She had a little trouble getting used to healthy food and didn’t have much of an appetite. Who knows what they were feeding her out in her lonely backyard all those years.

Sandy is now in a loving foster home. Marti Mills and her Golden, Julia, welcomed Sandy into their home where she will continue to get her exercise and special diet. There she will receive heartworm treatment and await a forever home. Sandy continues to be a happy and ever grateful girl who thinks that by joining GRRR she has just won the doggie lottery – and she has!

Thanks to all of the generous donations made to the Golden Angel Fund, Sandy will overcome heartworm and neglect, and she will live a very happy life as a cherished family member. She will have love and cuddles, all the water she wants to drink or splash in, a soft place to lay her head at night, and the contented feeling of knowing she is safe and loved.

Oh, and those lonely days are now far behind her. The only thing missing in her life is that one very special family who will make all her dreams come true. Could that special family be you?  p

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