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Kasey - Golden Angel


Hi there, my name is Kasey. In April of 2014, when I was only about 6 months old, I was left at a shelter by some people who said they found me. I waited for a very long time, but when nobody came looking for me, the shelter called my foster mom, who volunteers for GRRR. The shelter couldn’t understand why nobody showed up to claim me. They said I was so beautiful and well behaved – especially for a puppy.

When my foster mom came to pick me up, she named me Kasey, after a Golden she knew that looked a lot like me. She told me that my namesake, Kasey, was a wonderful boy who was loved by his family. And now that I was a GRRR dog, I too would be loved, just like my namesake.

I spent a week with my foster family in Rapid City, SD and then my foster mom drove me and another GRRR dog named Ace to Phoebe’s Place. My foster mom told me that my Fairy God Mother, Mary Kenton, lives there with lots of other wonderful Golden’s, and that Mary would find me the most wonderful forever home.

While I was at Phoebe’s Place I got to sleep on Mary’s bed and had fun playing with the other dogs, and meeting lots of volunteers. A few days later I went to see Dr. Carpenter for my neuter, but Dr. Carpenter said that I had a severe heart murmur. The next day, Uncle Bill Urbanowski took me to see Dr. Karen Sanderson at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology, where they did a lot of expensive tests on my heart. Dr. Sanderson called Mary and told her that I have a bad problem called severe Subaortic Stenosis. She told Mary that my prognosis is very poor, the worst she had ever seen in such a young Golden. Because my heart was already enlarged, I had to have some more tests on my blood and my kidneys, and they took pictures of my chest and then I had to start taking two different medicines for my heart. Dr. Sanderson told Mary that I can’t play fetch, or hike or run a lot, because my heart isn’t strong enough. She said I could take easy walks, and play a little, but that I shouldn’t over exert myself. The worst part was, she told Mary that she didn’t think I would live very long.

When Mary called my foster mom to tell her the sad news, my foster mom asked Mary for permission to become my hospice foster family, and Mary said yes. She wanted to be sure that my foster family understood my restrictions and she warned them that I would break their hearts, but Mary knew they loved me and would take very good care of me no matter what.

A few months ago, I developed a high fever and became very sick. I had to have another echocardiogram of my heart and the news wasn’t very good. Because of my heart disease, my heart valves have an infection called endocarditis, and now I take two very expensive antibiotics and get scans of my heart every month. I don’t really mind all the tests because I get lots of hugs and kisses and cookies. I love hugs, and I really love kisses and I really, really, love cookies. I also love peanut butter, and I get to have it 2 times a day with my pills. I get 4 pills in the morning and 6 pills in the evening, and since I love peanut butter so much, I don’t mind taking my pills.

I turned a year old in October, and according to all my doctors, I’ve outlived their expectations – even though my heart is sick. My foster mom says that if love could save me, I would live a thousand years, but I know it takes more than love, it takes good care, and doctors and medicine. Thanks to GRRR, I am getting the help and the medicine I need to live each day to the fullest. My foster mom says that I am always happy, and that’s because I know I am loved by so many people like Mary and Uncle Bill, and my hospice foster family and my nice doctors.

Thank you for reading my story and supporting the Golden Angel Fund, so GRRR can keep helping Goldens like me.

As Kasey’s story illustrates, not all of our Goldens have the opportunity to live long lives. GRRR prides itself in providing the best care for any and all of the dogs taken into its care, regardless of the dog’s condition. Your generous donations allow GRRR to continue excellent quality of care. Please consider making a donation today to our Golden Angel fund, for wonderful, deserving dogs like Kasey. 

 Kasey is in the best-ever hospice home


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