Special Goldens Needing Extra Care

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That is how Taylor's foster mom describes him.  He always has an upbeat attitude and is loving life as a GRRR dog. Taylor came from a family who rescued him from a shelter but found they did not have the time it would take to give him the life he deserved.  

Taylor is about 6 years old and loves to play with other dogs.  His main focus is on his humans though, and would rather be playing with them. He is very devoted and loving.  He gets excited easily but calms down when he's given petting and affection.  He is starved for human attention and this makes him motivated to behave and be rewarded. He is a quick learner!    

Taylor has checked out healthy and is ready for his new home.  He just wants a person to call his own and promises to be sweet and loyal.  He'll be extra HAPPY to find his new forever family! 



Age: 6 yrs

Gender: Male

You Can Help

With your donations, our Golden Angel Fund helps improve the life of our Goldens that need special medical treatments. Some Goldens require special medications or surgeries. Without medical help, many of them will not be likely candidates for adoption.

Your donation can go a long way in improving a Golden’s life. You can make a donation by clicking here or on the green donation button below. Then choose the “Program” “Golden Angel Fund.”  Thank you!