Special Goldens Needing Extra Care

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Bella: ADOPTED 8/2/15

Bella is a three year-old Golden/Husky mix who is hoping to join your family soon.  She and her Golden friend, Sadie (also available for adoption) came to us from a family who originally rescued both of them.  They moved to a new home only to find out after they moved that the landlord would not allow large pets.  They searched for another place that would accept the girls, but like so many other people, they found  the high rents and pet deposits were prohibitive.  It was a very sad day for them when they surrendered their girls to GRRR.  The girls are seeking to be adopted as a pair.  .

Bella is quite the social little girl who fits right in with all the frolicking and playtime at her foster home.  She was off and romping with the other dogs shortly after she arrived.  She is a happy, energetic girl who will love spending time participating in everything you do.  Whatever is on your agenda is on her agenda too!  She is already crate trained and seemed to find comfort in her crate when she first arrived. 

Bring some toys and come on by to meet Bella and Sadie.  They will surely steal your heart and you won't be able to retrieve it.  Until then, she will be dreaming of her happily ever after with you.

Age: 3 yrs

Gender: Female

You Can Help

With your donations, our Golden Angel Fund helps improve the life of our Goldens that need special medical treatments. Some Goldens require special medications or surgeries. Without medical help, many of them will not be likely candidates for adoption.

Your donation can go a long way in improving a Golden’s life. You can make a donation by clicking here or on the green donation button below. Then choose the “Program” “Golden Angel Fund.”  Thank you!