Naming Tributes

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Naming Tribute for Pumpkin


Yesterday night my good friend and hiking partner passed into eternity. Yes she was a dog, but us pet owners become so attached and in love with our dog, cat or horse. They sense our pains and joyful times. As we get older they get much older, ten of our years is seventy of theirs, just isn’t fair. Personally I thought Pumpkin had another three to five years, but it wasn’t to be as cancer in her made her ill as the days wore on. I first saw Pumpkin when my friend Frank believed his dog Aspen needed a friend. I helped Frank pick out and name Pumpkin. After a few weeks Frank was getting tired of Pumpkin whining at night and asked me to take her for the night. Pumpkin and I watched a Dog Training movie on a sixty inch TV. Pumpkin moved back to Frank’s and later so did I. Pumpkin and Aspen soon were taking walks with me after my night audit shift. On 4 July Pumpkin and Aspen joined me on a trip of a 14er, Pumpkin made it all the way while Aspen got lost chasing Marmots, but found his way back to camp. Later Pumpkin and I shared the tent during a wicked thunderstorm, it was the last time she got scared of storms and the beginning of our adventures. In August Frank moved and gave me Pumpkin, we moved to Euzoa Bible Church on 6 Aug 1998. Thirty acres of land with a stream and pond, Dog heaven with dogs all around, plus chipmunks. In 2001 she met a handsome Golden Retriever, Toby. They became best friends for life. I was always jealous of their relationship, but Toby was a good friend. My Pumpkin hiked twenty six 14ers, plus a few 13ers and always shared my tent, my couch and bed. Monday I took her to the church and then Fran’s. She was happy to see Toby and Rip, she was looking great. Then Tuesday came, she couldn’t get up, I picked her up and put her in the car and knew she was in pain. After dropping her off, I sat and wept, went to work and then after a half hour went back to the hostpital. Later, I watched the people at the Pet Care Clinic give her the best care and love. Dr. Christine was in tears as she talked to my sister Kristin, also a vet, about Pumpkin‘s chances. I called my friend Fran, Toby’s owner, for my dog’s farewell. After Fran’s prayer just before 6, Pumpkin passed on. Toby and another dog came in and said goodbye and gave me comfort. I’ll spread her ashes near Toby’s house in the summer. Now I know another grief. Thanks Pumpkin. Love, Glenn (Wojcik)