Naming Tributes

Honoring the memory of your loved one, while helping us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life. With your donation of $100 or more, one of GRRR’s rescued Goldens will be named after your dog. Your donation will honor the memory of your loved one and will help us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life.  Read More

Naming Tribute For Maddox


Mr. Maddox came to us by surprise – in fact he ran right in front of my car as a stray in Austin Texas, where my husband and I lived a little over 5 years ago. He was an older puppy at the time, needed a few shots and care, but came completely house-trained. He was an amazing dog from the beginning – we had two dogs already and loved them very much, and Maddox fit right into our family as the ultimate balancer between everyone. He was kind and sensitive in a way that was almost human. He was incredibly gentle to children and other dogs. He was so very soft to the touch. When we moved to Colorado we discovered he loved the snow more than anything else! He was adorable out there digging around and catching snowballs as we tossed them. Maddox really had the wonderful blend of a wise older gentleman with a youthful playfulness that was incredibly endearing. Maddox got very sick, very quickly – we lost him within a span of 12 hours and it was the most tragic day of our lives. We mourned with our other two dogs for months, and to this day still miss our Mr. Maddox. We very much wanted to donate to the dog rescues that we speculated Maddox was made up of, a golden retriever and border collie. We will forever carry the memory of Maddox close to our hearts. Love you boy… Gabriella Cavalli and Jason Greenleaf