Naming Tributes

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Naming Tribute for Molson


We lost Molson our Golden Retriever on June 24, 2010 to adenocarinoma of the intestines. He had seen the vet on Sunday, had an ultra sound on Tuesday and on Thursday he was gone. He was a wonderful friend, companion and he brought joy and happiness to who ever he met. There are no real words to describe his personality. Molson acted like a human, he had feelings, he could sense when something was wrong or when someone was approaching the house (like the UPS man or the Fed Ex man who gave him treats regularly). He was trained off leash to roam free at the dog parks and he loved to swim in the lakes and ponds all over Colorado. Molson was drawn to water, it did not matter if it was Lake Dillon or a puddle in the driveway, like my golf ball, if there’s water around, Molson found it. Molson loved to roll around on the grass and lay under shady trees until he saw a tennis ball. He never met a tennis ball he didn’t like. I can honestly say I have had several bouts of tendinitis in my elbow from using his Chuck-it for hours; he was never too tired to play. Molson loved to lie at our feet. He would look up at you with his big eyes looking for a scratch on the head. If we left a foot hanging off the couch while laying down, Molson would come over and position himself with his chest against your foot so you could tap his chest; he could stand there for hours if you let him and if you stopped, he would gently tap your foot with his paw as if he were saying, “don’t stop.” Molson had an internal clock. He knew at 10pm it was time to go out for the last time and then have dessert on his bed. Every night since he was a pup, he had a “frosty paws” before bed time. He would then pace around our bed until we called him up…then he would take over. Molson loved the vet! His vet was Dr. Greg Munger of Companion Animal Hospital who took care of Molson as if he were his own. The staff saw him coming and would greet him at the door. In fact, several new employees would say, “Hi Molson! I’m sorry your last name is?” Greg had the misfortune of having to tell me Molson was gone, but I found comfort in his words and knowing if he could not remove the tumor, then it could not be done; for that I think him. Perhaps my favorite story I can tell about Molson was when he actually spun a pizza box around, got it open and took a slice of pizza. I was on the phone when I saw him standing in the doorway with the slice of pizza hanging out of his mouth, he looked so proud. What could I do? I put the phone down and cut up the pizza for him. He earned it. He was also a “chick magnet” he met my wife on our second date and they were inseparable since that day! Since Molson left us, it is just not the same when the doorbell rings or the UPS truck goes by or when I come home – there’s no one there to meet me at the door or take a walk with. Going to bed is just not the same. Molson was a big part of our lives for eight years which is a short time but I would not have traded it for anything in the world. A Golden Retriever can change your life; just ask us. Lisa and Paul Sochinski – Englewood, Colorado