Naming Tributes

Honoring the memory of your loved one, while helping us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life. With your donation of $100 or more, one of GRRR’s rescued Goldens will be named after your dog. Your donation will honor the memory of your loved one and will help us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life.  Read More

Naming Tribute For Hannah


Two years ago, GRRR gave us the opportunity to adopt a beautiful Golden puppy just 5 months old with special needs; she was born with only one kidney. The two years that Hannah (known as Sadie when adopted) has been with us, which sadly was not long enough, has been two years of love and joy for us, but sadly all good things come to an end. Last Friday, June 3rd, Hannah‘s little kidney gave out and we lost our beautiful Golden girl, but she was in good hands at Arvada West Veterinary Hospital. This group of people that GRRR put us in touch with, Doctor Scott Carpenter, Katie and all of the others, Hannah loved all of them. She loved going to see them over the 2 years she was with us for her check ups and medical needs. We now have two wonderful years of memories of Hannah, so thank you GRRR and Gwen, Hannah‘s foster parent, for letting Hannah adopt us. With our hearts aching and eyes tearing, she is now asleep at our home in Blue Mesa near Gunnison, CO in an Aspen grove with our two other Goldens, Harley & Bernadette, looking out over a pond watching the birds. So THANK YOU to GRRR for all the work that is done for all of the Goldens, because a Golden will change your life. Steve & Moe Coleman