Naming Tributes

Honoring the memory of your loved one, while helping us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life. With your donation of $100 or more, one of GRRR’s rescued Goldens will be named after your dog. Your donation will honor the memory of your loved one and will help us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life.  Read More

Naming tribute for Noel - TDIII

Naming Tribute


Noel was no more than 3 years old when she arrived in America in December 2016.  She was one of GRRR’s Turkey Dogs III and oh-what-an-exciting time it was.  A very petite girl, Noel was thrilled to de-board the plane in her new homeland and to be welcomed by the many GRRR greeters, as she began life in Colorado.

 Noel settled in at Phoebe’s Place, and soon she went home with her forever family to begin her new life filled with love and caring.  Of course, here in her new home Noel had all the love and attention a Golden could ask for, but this time it just wasn’t enough.  Serious medical problems that began in her early days in Turkey could not be successfully resolved.  With great sadness, we had to say good-bye to sweet Noel.

 She touched us in many ways, and we would like to honor her with this Naming Tribute and always remember her for her bravery, her spirit and her love.

Noel’s GRRR sponsors 

Also shown is new puppy Noel, named in honor of TDIII Noel