Naming Tributes

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Naming Tributes for Nikki…Sandy…Teddy…Magic


We have been graced with the companionship and love of several Goldens who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge: Nikki, Sandy, Teddy and Magic. We have three more living with us now: Tucker, Peter and Tory (Magic’s Grandson).

Nikki was our first Golden. He was very smart and loving. The great joy, love and companionship he brought into our lives made sure that we would always be “Golden People.”

Sandy was our second Golden. We got her when Nikki was about fifteen months old. She was about a year old at the time. She wasn’t an official rescue dog but the lack of attention she had been receiving made her seem like one. Sandy and Nikki became best friends and died from cancer at age 11 1/2 only three months apart. The length of their respective lives differed only by twelve days.

About seven months later we missed canine companionship too much and brought Teddy home. Teddy came from a conformation breeding and we thought he was the most beautiful Golden we had ever seen. People walking by our house would stop and ask what kind of dog he was. They didn’t know that was what a Golden should look like. Teddy was an absolute delight to have in our life. He was smart, beautiful and loving; he was a great companion to both of us.

About a year before Teddy died at age 8 from a stroke, we brought Magic home. Magic was to be our first “show” dog and he exceeded our wildest expectations. He was exceptionally beautiful as well as very smart and quick to learn. It was his immense desire to please and give love and affection that made him exceptional. He liked to help with yard work (he carried branches cut from trees down to the house) and carried groceries to the kitchen. He would look so happy and pleased with himself when he did these things. Magic like everyone, both people and other dogs. When he heard his name, his face would light up with joy. He concluded his career as Am/Can CH Keane’s Celtic Incantation CD OA OAJ before he died from hemangiosarcoma at age 8 1/2.

Bob and Mary Miller