Naming Tributes

Honoring the memory of your loved one, while helping us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life. With your donation of $100 or more, one of GRRR’s rescued Goldens will be named after your dog. Your donation will honor the memory of your loved one and will help us give a rescued dog a new start to a better life.  Read More

Naming Tribute for Maggie


Maggie (a/k/a Sweet Maggie May) was our first female golden retriever. She was part of our “first generation” of golden children – we got her brother Bailey right after we got married, and Maggie 3 years later. We (Kathy) actually picked out our first house based on the size of the backyard. Maggie was never without a blue racquetball – there was nothing she’d rather do than have you throw her ball. She even slept with one close by just in case someone would be available to throw it for her. We lost her to cancer when she was 7 years old. We’d lost Bailey a year earlier from leukemia and Maggie missed him terribly, even though we got her a puppy, Sam. Maggie’s cancer was in her heart – we think she never recovered from her broken heart after Bailey died.

Maggie was a very special golden, but then aren’t they all?
Thank you GRRR for honoring our Maggie in such a meaningful way.

Todd & Kathy Zoller