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TDVII arriving mid-February - Valentine TDs

10 of these furry sweeties will be arriving soon. Thanks to sponsors (and selected dog names): Russ/Cathy- Smitty, Martha- Darcy, Laura/Scott- Beau, Francie/Wade- Scarlett or Archer, Chris- Carla or Ivan, Shannon- Romeo or Juliett, Sue- Cleopatra or Roman, Loretta- Portia or Lexus, Stacy/Mark- Archer or Ruby, Barb- Rose or Romeo

TDVI - arrived in mid December

All 18 TDVI's are sponsored and getting themselves primped and pretty to come to Colorado.

Sponsors & names: Jill- Grace & Myles, Sherry/Scott-Zefur & Turbo, Sue/Paul- Morgan, Penny- Maizie, Barbara/Bob- Max & Abby, Francie/Wade- Naki, Russ/Cathy- Chris, Roberta- Macy, Laura/Scott- Emmy, Barb- Cali, Karen/Barry- Buster, Martha- Dylan, Chris- Jive, Stacy/Mark- Molly, Yvette/Brad- Jack Frost

Now accepting applications, however please read our TD adoption process first;

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TDV Arrived June 7, 2017 

Sponored TDV names: Heidi, Swagrrr and Shimmer, Remy, Gauge or Riley, Charlie, Chance, Jackie-Dog, Jack, Jill, Nugget, Walter, Akila, Maizie, Junebug, Delilah, Logan or Morgan, Freddie

TDV sponsors: Barb H., Sheridan/Scott, Martha S., Francie/Wade, Chris/Annie, Scott/Laura, Bill U, Barbara/Bob C., Cathy/Russ, Shelly S., Jeannie M., Pam/Cathy, Chris C., Lori, Mary, Cynthia

*Sponsorships are $1000 and are considered a tax-deductible donation. As a Turkey Dog sponsor you can select the name for one of the dogs, be at the airport to be the first one to welcome your sponsored dog to Colorado and the USA. You are also invited back for a playtime reception. Oh yeah, you also get some TD swag. 


Valentine's Day rescue TDIV

TDIV Names (so far): Leighton, Moxie, Midus, Sultan (Sully), Tuesday, Smuckers, Reagan or Blake, Val (Valentine), Cullen, Teddy (Teddy Bear)or Violet, Josie, Champagne, Zach, Romeo, Captain (Cappy), Jackpot (Jack), Ayda, Vlad.

Thank you to sponsors; Barb H., the Basalt team, Steve/Laura, Linda B., Francie/Wade, Barbara K., Sue, Laura/Scott, Arvada West Vet, Michael E., Stacy/Mark, Sherry/ Scott, Chris, Russ/Cathy, Penny, Dara/Mary/Kevin, Mary K. 


TDIII - an emergency rescue arriving mid-December  - TDIII Press Release

Although we have 18 sponsors for this emergency rescue, you can still donate to help underwrite this unplanned, unbudgeted mission

Special thank you's to TDIII sponsors; Barbara C, Karen, Margot, Barb H, Chris, Barb D, Cathy/Russ, Jeannie, Cindee/Greg, Francie/Wade, Sheridan/Scott, Annie/Chris, Roberta, Dara, Laura/Scott

TDIII: Peace, Kringle, Holly, Comet, Rudy, Nicholas, Joy, Hope, Frosty, Dickens, Noel, Merry, Blizzard, Blitzen, Grace, Ivy, Nutmeg, Miracle


TURKEY DOGS  Click here to  DONATE

They made it safe and sound - The TDIIs arrived are were happy to have their little paws at GRRR - Thanks to all that made it possibleSponsorship of a Turkey Dog - Sold Out, all 18 are sponsored and named. Sponsorships cover about half the expense of bringing these sweet dogs here, so any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

TDII Sponsors dogs: Sue sponsored Gus, Russ & Cathy sponsored Dillon, Francie & Wade sponsored Daisy, Affordable Housing Support Services sponsored Cricket, Watson, Casey, Parker and Chester, Mark & Stacy sponsored Chloe, Dara sponsored Truman, Barbara sponsored Durango, Sheridan sponsored Penrose (Penny), Loretta sponsored Alta & Sierra, Sukie & Jim sponsored Tillie, Yvette & Brad sponsored Bennett, Fran sponsored Ginger, Chris sponsored Sophie, team Urbo has sponsored Cora.  Arvada West Veterinary Hospital sponsored Trinidad, Karen, Mary, Judi, Carole, Greg & Cindee. Other sponsors; Mark, Urbo, Mary, Judi, Thank you


The first group of Turkish beauties arrived and were a wonderful joy to have here ay GRRR. This time TDs were flying into Denver, so a much easier trip for all of us. Sponsorships are $1000 and are considered a tax-deductible donation. As a Turkey Dog sponsor you can select the name for one of the dogs. You can pick a name to honor a loved one, human or past dog or you can just pick a name you really like. 

First 10 Goldens: Brush, Windsor, Frasor, Hayden, Estes, Keystone, Colorado Honey, Aspen, Bailey and Tellie. All had sponsors. Thank you. 

Sponsor for $1000, select a name and as a bonus, sponsors can come to DIA and witness the arrival of the beautiful purebred Golden Retrievers. It can be an emotional lifetime experience. 

 Keystone home2Fraser groomed2

First Turkey Dog Corporate Sponsors:

Affordable Housng Services

G-Force Powersports - Lakewood & Boulder

Arvada West Veterinary Hospital


sponsor a Golden Retriever dog from Turkey

Note: Enter Dog's Name in the Special Instructions Field on the Donation Form.